Contact Us

via email:

Justin Douglas - justindouglas at ku dot edu

Sarah Neuenswander - saneuen at ku dot edu


via telephone:

Justin and Sarah's Malott office phone - (785) 864-4187

Justin's SBC office phone - TBA

Malott Lab phone - (785) 864-4231

SBC Lab does not have a phone. You'll have to shout.


in person:

There are several NMR labs spread across campus, so we can be kind of tough to pin down. Justin and Sarah's main office in Malott Hall, rooms 3003 and 3001, respectively. Justin has an ancillary office in Del Shankel Structural Biology Center (SBC), room 1083. If you're planning on visiting then please email us so we can be someplace easy to find.

The Interactive Map of the Lawrence campus is helpful for finding parking, etc.


via mail:

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

University of Kansas

Malott Hall

1251 Wescoe Hall Drive

Lawrence, KS 66045

If you are mailing something to us, then please contact Sarah Neuenswander and let her know the package is on the way.

Congratulations to Brian Blagg for the Mitscher Professorship great honor for Brian; great way to remember Les

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